Our People

These are the staff in our US office:

Person Position Email
Steven Norrington CEO Cranmore Group & President Cranmore (US) Inc steve.norrington@cranmore.co
Allan Douglas Senior Vice President allan.douglas@cranmore.co
Ian Tarrant Executive Vice President and Head of Workers' Comp Modelling ian.tarrant@cranmore.co
Chase Young Executive Vice President and Head of Cranmore US chase.young@cranmore.co
Leigh Fanner Vice President, Inspections and Claims leigh.fanner@cranmore.co
Joe Adamczyk Senior Vice President, Inspections and Claims joe.adamczyk@cranmore.co
Mike Jonescu Vice President, Claims and Subrogation Mike.Jonescu@cranmore.co
Kent Shinners Assistant Vice President/Senior Auditor kent.shinners@cranmore.co
Jeremy Smithberger Assistant Vice President, Inspections and Valuations jeremy.smithberger@cranmore.co
Josh Shettle Claims Specialist josh.shettle@cranmore.co
Megan Deneault Assistant Vice President, Inspections and Valuations Megan.Deneault@cranmore.co
Jared Tuchman Assistant Vice President, Business Planning & Special Projects
Paul Amirata Senior Vice President of Construction Defect Claims
Jonathan Gerdes Vice President, Head of TPA Management
James Pruitt Senior Claims & Subrogation Specialist
Penny Hoyt Technical Valuations Analyst
Matt Stull QA & Claims Manager
Todd Cumberland Lien Resolution Specialist
Kathleen Buck Lien Resolution Specialist

With support from our people in other offices:

Person Office Position Email
Adam Grange UK Managing Director adam.grange@cranmore.co
David Ellis UK Head of Special Projects david.ellis@cranmore.co
Paul Watkin UK Director paul.watkin@cranmore.co
Guy Olofson UK Director guy.olofson@cranmore.co
Duncan McLaughlin UK Director of Business Planning and Special Projects
Des Allen UK Director des.allen@cranmore.co
Garred Clements Asia Managing Director garred.clements@cranmore.co
Phil Priest UK Senior Associate Director phil.priest@cranmore.co
Simon Storvik-Green UK Associate Director simon.storvik-green@cranmore.co
Faye Edwards UK Binder Management Assistant faye.edwards@cranmore.co
Lucy Mortlock UK Binding Authority Specialist lucy.mortlock@cranmore.co
Sharmeen Nazir UK Auditor Sharmeen.Nazir@cranmore.co
Ted Mouyabi UK Auditor
Louis Howard UK Binding Authority Specialist
Jason Shortt Europe Managing Director jason.shortt@cranmore.co

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